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Race Transfer  

We can transfer you at anytime between the 5K and Half Marathon races.

For a transfer to the 5K from the Half, simply email your request.  We will confirm via email within 3 days.

We do not charge a transfer fee nor provide a refund for the cost difference.

For a transfer to the Half from the 5K, we will email you a link.  It will be an additional cost, but your 5K registration fee will be considered into the total.  For example, You paid $20 for the 5K and the half is $60, we will charge you $40.

–Relay Transfers–

-Relay runners may not transfer to the relay from the half marathon if it is sold out.

-Relay runners wishing to run both will sign up for Leg 1 and the Relay.

-If a runner is injured and needs replaced, contact us prior to May 15th.  A small transfer fee will be charged and the new runner will receive a code to register.

Want to transfer between races?

PLEASE email us at before May 10th.

PLEASE NOTE….do not self-change to the 5K or Half..  In 2016 we had 46 runners run the 5K with a half marathon bib and it caused a spiral effect of a major timing issue.  We are more than happy to make this change for you, please just ask!  THANK YOU!

If it is AFTER MAY 11th, please see the Race Director at the Expo to make the race change.  You will still receive a half marathon shirt.  Shirts can be exchanged AFTER the race on Saturday near the finish line….  


We understand emergencies, work schedules, and injuries occur.  If you are unable to make it to the event, we are unable to provide a refund or deferral.  The main reason is everything we need to provide our runners with an amazing racing experience is already purchased prior to your arrival at the start line.  Other races suggest using your entry fee as a donation and it can be written off on your taxes.

Thank you for understanding!

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