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*Course is displayed in Map My Run:  Lake Medina will not measure accurately since it is off-road. Please note our course is 13.1 miles, measured on tangents. It will appear long in Map My Run.

Course Runs: Come run the course and learn about it with us! Runs start and finish at Gazebo.  GPS:  122 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256.  Course maps are passed out with turn by turn directions.  Options for shorter distances provided. Please carry water/nutrition.  We have a refill station at mile 7. Arrive 5 minutes early for course direction cards.   Next Course Run:  Saturday, January 20, 2018, at 7: 30 AM.  Meet at the Medina Gazebo.

NEW FOR 2018…..2 person relay!

The exchange zone is on Foote Road.  Leg one is just under 7 miles and leg two is just over 6 miles. Parking will be available at the exchange and near the exchange for late arrivals.  Transportation to the finish line will also be available for leg one runners.  DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED TO ALL RELAY RUNNERS IN LATE APRIL.  Relay runners are encouraged to assist with transporting one another, but we will have sign-ups for those needing transportation.

Exchange zone will include hydration, portable restrooms, volunteers to asnswer questions.  It’s also near the Summa Health Medical tent.

5K runners will begin at 7:00 am.

-Start at the square, S. Broadway to 57.  Go right on Valley, Right onto Ridgeview end around to Gayer Drive back to Ridgeview via a right turn.  Turn Right onto S. Court, Right out to South and follow it to the finish line.   Mile Markers: Mile Markers will be highly visible at each mile

  • Water/Medical Aid Stations – There will be aid stations available to runners throughout the race course. Additionally, there will be an aid tent at the start and finish lines. Radio operators will be available approximately every mile if you need to alert someone that you need immediate medical assistance while on the course. Bike marshals will be on the course as well. Small aid kits will be available at each water stop as well.  Medical will also be avaialble near the 7 mile mark provided by Summa Health.
  • Carb Boom -will be distributed near the half-way point. Runners that require nutrition earlier or at different times should plan to be self-supported.  It is recommended that you try Carb Boom on a training run prior to race day.
  • Restroom Facilities –Portable restroom facilities will be available at the start/finish. 15 Restrooms will be located behind the Court House. A detailed map of restroom points along the course will be provided to all runners. (LOCATIONS: Coming soon) Indoor restrooms are located on the corner of the square NEXT TO Second Sole.  There are PLENTY of restrooms at this location.  Many choose to use Second Sole and huge lines form for their ONE restroom.  Please do NOT use Second Sole for your restroom location.  Please use the 15+ restrooms NEXT to Second Sole or Portable Restrooms BEHIND the Courthouse.  
  • Course Entertainment – We are doing our best to wrap the amazing spirit of our community around each of our runners! Stay tuned!

Water Station Locations: We will have water & Gatorade every 1.5 miles. Our locations will be based on the safety of both our runners and volunteers, a couple of stations will be a tenth of a mile off or so to make sure our volunteers are safe. Locations include miles 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 (Carb Boom), 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12 & Finish Line. If you require more water, please plan accordingly and self-carry. We are aware of the uncertain weather we have in May. Our race is capped at 1000 runners simply for safety & hydration needs. Do NOT allow your family, friends, etc. to pace you. These non-registered runners can have a dramatic impact on the safety of our expected runners.