Course Information & Details


Half Marathon runners start at 6:30 AM—Times will be assigned by pace via email before the race.   

Half Marathon Course     

 Relay Exchange:  Medina United Methodist Church at 4747 Foote Road.   Due to COVID-19 we are unable to provide transportation.  

DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED TO ALL REGISTERED RELAY RUNNERS.  Relay runners are encouraged to assist with transporting one another,  Exchange zone will include hydration, portable restrooms, volunteers to answer questions, etc.  All 2nd runners should be in the relay exchange zone by 7 AM. 

5K runners will begin at 7:00 AM     

 5K Course

Half Marathon Course Details:

  • Water/Medical Aid Stations – There will be aid stations available to runners throughout the race course. Additionally, there will be an aid tent at the start and finish lines. Radio operators will be available approximately every mile if you need to alert someone that you need immediate medical assistance while on the course. Bike marshals will be on the course as well. Small aid kits will be available at each water stop as well.  Medical will also be available near the 7 mile mark provided by Summa Health.
  • Restroom Facilities –Portable restroom facilities will be available at the start/finish. 15 Restrooms will be located behind the County Administration Building.  THIS IS NEW FOR 2021.
  • A detailed map of restroom points along the course will be provided to all runners. (LOCATIONS: Coming soon) Indoor restrooms are located on the corner of the square NEXT TO Second Sole.  There are PLENTY of restrooms at this location.  Many choose to use Second Sole and huge lines form for their ONE restroom.  Please do NOT use Second Sole for your restroom location.  Please use the 15+ restrooms NEXT to Second Sole or Portable Restrooms BEHIND the County Administration Building (1 block north of startline)
  • Course Entertainment – We are doing our best to wrap the amazing spirit of our community around each of our runners! Stay tuned!

Water Station Locations: 2021 locations are reduced due to Covid19 protocols.  Runners are encouraged to carry water.

Plastic water bottles will be provided in mile 2, 4.5, 7.8, and 10.5.  We will also have some refill stations for your reusable water bottles.

Trash boxes will be provided before and after each water stop.  Runners are strongly encouraged to NOT throw plastic water bottles around the course.  Please carry until you are near a trash area.  We need 100% compliance with this to avoid litter anywhere in Lake Medina or in private yards.  This is only for 2021 as we navigate the requirements to hold live racing.

Gatorade will be provided at stops 2 & 4.  This can be added to your personal or disposable water bottle.